SIRE V9 Fretless Jazz Bass Marcus Miller 5 string - review and test

SIRE V9 Fretless Jazz Bass Marcus Miller 5 string - review and test

Please subscribe for more videos. Thanks! - buy your bass today! :) It's Sire V9 Marcus Miller 5 string fretless Jazz Bass bass guitar endorsered by a legend of jazz bass guitar - Marcus Miller. It's based on Fender Jazz Bass in general. Enjoy my review and sound test. It has a swamp ash body, quilted maple top, 34 inch scale, awesome preamp powered by two batteries, bone nut, matching headstock. Thanks to a sweepable mid range control you can get many various tones out of it. I really love it and plan to buy some more guitars from Sire. I love this bass! Thank you Sire. Thank you Marcus! I would like to greet my inspirations: Marcus Miller, Sire Company, Scott Devine from Scott's Bass Lessons, Davide Biale (davie504), Rob Scallon, No Treble, Bass Musician Magazine.
Sire V9 Fretless bass Swamp Ash by Marcus Miller review

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SIRE V9 Fretless Jazz Bass Marcus Miller 5 string - review and test
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