SCAM Ads on Facebook - Beware of Internet Scammers! Please SHARE! - cheap guitars, shoes, cameras

SCAM Ads on Facebook - Beware of Internet Scammers! Please SHARE! - cheap guitars, shoes, cameras

Updated list of scam websites advertizing on facebook in newsfeed: (guitars) - (guitars) - (drums) - (guitars) - Zimaotong Beijing (various scams using PayPal) - (cameras) - (cameras) - (horns, winds) - (Timbaland shoes) - (guitars)

Please share this video with everyone who does shopping online! You can find a lot of bargains up to 90% on Facebook context ads. They sell instruments, clothes, electronic devices. Don't get ripped off. Facebook has blocked my personal account because I kept reporting scammers ads showing up there in my newsfeed. Congratulations Mark Zuckerberg. Thieves pay you money so they are all right. Applause!

More about fake websites:
Their domain is usually registered not so long ago, there's no phone number or any specific / real headquarter address. They are capable to steal more than you expect. Please share this video. Don't get ripped off. They sell guitars (Ibanez, Gibson, Fender, Epiphone), Orchestral instruments (Yamaha), studio equipment (Adam), cameras (Canon, Nikon), Shoes (Timbaland) and many more. Don't trust ads on facebook saying you can order something for 10% of its real value. They're scammers and you won't ever find them. Once they get your credit card and CVV number they can steal much more than you expect unless you've got a limit set up. They also hope for your blindness during Christmas time, Black Friday etc. Be wise, think twice!

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SCAM Ads on Facebook - Beware of Internet Scammers! Please SHARE! - cheap guitars, shoes, cameras - Another music store SCAM! - I call and warn Yamaha!
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