Adam Gordon - Online session bassist, guitarist, instrumentalist, mixer, producer

Welcome to my website! I'm a composer, guitarist, vocalist, traveller but mostly a bass player. I used to play and record in Europe and USA over the years. I was honoured to collaborate with various artists around the world. I'm up for any kind of collaboration where's good music around. Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Nathane East, Tony Levin, Lee Sklar or Lord of the Strings?
Hit me up, let's do it! No time to waste!
I also create my own music but it's not a specific style. I mix opposite genres and make my own music.

Any instrumental track, any genre. Session musician.

Any instrument, any genre. The only limit is your imagination. I can record:

Bass and electric guitars; Acoustic and electric keys: piano, grand piano, church organ, Hammond, Rhodes;
Synths: Minimoog, Prophet - Pink Floyd, Genesis, Vangelis, JM Jarre sounds;
Percussion: tamburino, shaker, congas, cajon, shekere, guiro, agogo, bongos, cowbell etc;
Drum machines: Roland, Akai, Kawai, Korg
Drums - professional samples with multiple microphones, room and overheads included;
Horns and woodwinds: trumpet, saxophones, trombones, flutes, clarinets, basoons, bagpipes, etc;
Oriental instruments: sitar, tampura, shakuhachi, kalimba, duduk, hang drum, esraj, etc;
Orchestral ensambles: violin, viola, cello, upright - HQ plugins;

And many other you could ever imagine. Whatever music you do. Drop me a message and I will add what you need to it.


Adam understood what I was looking for my tunes perfectly. He took my songs to a high level. He's very professional and a nice person. Excellent communication and music quickly recorded. I highly recommend to work with him.
David Baechler, Switzerland

I'd like to recommend Adam to you as a session and recording musician. Adam is passionate about music, his rates are very good. He works very quickly, will finish your project on time and will work until you're satisfied with his work. He is a talented multi instrumentalist, creative, friendly and has an enthusiastic attitude and treats each project as a priority.
Michael Anzel, USA